You Complete the Picture

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You complete the picture on KSPS. What do I mean by that? Donations by KSPS sustainers like you provide over two-thirds of the station’s budget—the dollars to purchase the programs that you and so many others enjoy. Think of that: if it weren’t for your support, you could tune to KSPS only to find a mere fraction of the programs you count on today. What a bleak picture that would be!
Thankfully, you choose to support the programs that expand minds and open worlds to everyone. You really do complete the picture! Thank you.
Here’s another picture to consider: we are just 6 weeks away from the end of this budget year on August 31st. At this point, we have raised most of the money needed for the programming bills that will soon be due, but we still have a way to go before reaching our goal.

That is why I’m writing to you to ask for your special extra gift to KSPS.  Please make an Additional Gift today.

The costs to bring these programs to your home represent 78% of the KSPS budget, and they’re increasing. That’s why your extra gift will mean so much.

I know that there are many excellent causes to support and many other channels to watch. Thank you for choosing KSPS on both counts. With your ongoing support, together we can continue to make this station an important community resource for everyone. You really will complete the picture!
Sincerely yours,
Gary Stokes
Gary Stokes
President & General Manager
KSPS Public Television
3911 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223