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As we near the end of our second year as an independent station--owned and operated by the Friends of KSPS (you!)-- I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to KSPS. You have chosen to support the programs that expand minds and open worlds to everyone… that embrace life’s most incredible moments… that take you on enlightening journeys.

Each week, viewers of all ages and every walk of life tell us about the importance of KSPS in their lives. That is why your support is vital, and it is why I’m writing to ask for your special fiscal year-end extra gift to KSPS.

For KSPS to continue to grow as your community station, we must remain financially strong. We are now less than two months away from the end of this budget year, August 31st. We have raised 88% of the dollars needed for the programming bills that will soon be due. That last 12% is vital to keeping the programs we all value on the air. Your extra gift, now, will help us meet that critical goal.

Your additional support helps keep KSPS strong. Your gift helps guarantee that substantial, compelling and impactful programs continue to have a home on your public television, for everyone to enjoy.

With your ongoing support, together we can continue to make this station a strong community resource for everyone.

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Gary Stokes, General Manager

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