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You turn to KSPS because you’re passionate about the world around you… because you care about what’s happening right here in our community… and because you want your journey to be filled with the kind of fascination, wonder and creativity that only KSPS can deliver.

KSPS is a rare and marvelous idea – the kind of television that can change lives.

It’s a part of you that you relish and need. And it would not be possible without the generosity of people who live here.

Please don’t let this year turn into the next before you’ve made your special contribution to assure the resources to do even more in 2014 and beyond.

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KSPS is truly an extraordinary place –essential to the way you live your life.

Today I ask you to take the opportunity to be a greater part of this truly valuable place that serves you and thousands of people all across our region.

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Gary Stokes
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