Make a Year End Donation

Two Great Reasons for Your Year End Gift

I hope you and your family are well at this most special time of year. You may have recently received a letter from us talking about our year-end giving campaign. We are asking viewers to consider a gift to KSPS as 2016 comes to a close. There are two great reasons why:

1. Programs. We just paid the annual PBS bill to keep the iconic PBS programs on the air for another year. It’s a large bill and it leaves us a bit stretched. Your extra year-end contribution will give us a cushion and allow us to take advantage of program opportunities from non-PBS sources.

2. Your dollar goes further. Our annual U.S. federal grant amounts to about a fifth of our budget, and it is a matching grant based on how much we raise locally. This past year, for every $1 we raised through non-federal sources, another 25 cents came to the station though the federal grant. Year-end giving is a critical part of our local fund raising. Your extra gift will bring that much more to KSPS.

For example with your gift of $50, KSPS will receive another $12.50 for a total of $62.50. With a $75 gift, kSPS will receive $93.75; a gift of $120 becomes $150 for KSPS. No matter what giving level works for you, your generosity will mean an additional 25% or KSPS!

All of us at KSPS wish you a festive holiday season and a bright new year!

Dawn Bayman



Dawn Bayman, Director of Development