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Friends of KSPS Board Member

Jon Heideman

Jon is a client service advisor and certified public accountant who brings 12 years of financial experience to TEN Capital. He has experience serving individuals as well as public and private entities from both a financial and tax perspective. Jon has a robust understanding of capital markets, the importance of budgeting, and projecting future cash flows. His experience includes serving employee benefit plans and understanding the fiduciary responsibilities as a plan advisor. Since joining TEN Capital in 2021, he has helped enhanced the client experience, including tax planning strategies.

Jon has a B.S. in business administration with a minor in economics from Washington State University and is a licensed CPA. Jon has a passion for financial planning and reducing debt. He believes cash is your best wealth-building tool to achieve financial freedom.

Jon is an active member of the community and serving on the finance committee of KSPS, a member of the NBOA at WSU, and Board Vice-President of Southside Christian School. Also, he is a Spokane North Rotary member, which helps the West Central Community of Spokane.