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Friends of KSPS Board Member

Monica Samper

Monica, a native of Colombia, has over twenty-five years experience in public affairs, community engagement, and contributions, mostly through her work in the oil and energy sector. A Canadian citizen, she has lived and worked in Colombia, the US, Mexico, and Canada. She has always been involved in, and advocated for, the arts. She is very keen and interested in Public Broadcasting and the role it plays in building and defining a society. She greatly enjoys all of KSPS Programs but closest to her heart are Masterpiece, Mystery, and the children’s programming (“but then there is Call The Midwife, Frontline, Great Performances, Nova, American Experience, and so many more!”).

Monica lives in Calgary and is currently involved in various volunteering activities. She is also a member of the Calgary Philharmonic Choir. She would like to engage with viewers to learn about their interests and to receive feedback.