Friends of KSPS Board Member

Nancy Ledeboer

Nancy Ledeboer became the Library Director of the Spokane County Library District in March 2012. Prior to accepting this position she was the Library Director for the Pima County Public Library in Tucson, Arizona for 7 years. She has worked in public libraries in California, Nevada, Arizona and Washington. She believes in the power of the public library to engage minds, enrich lives and build strong communities.

Her vision for the Spokane community is for the library to be a place where people of all ages are engaged in learning throughout their lives. Volunteers and community partners are essential to making this vision a reality. Together we are creating and sustaining a culture of literacy and lifelong learning.

Nancy was excited to return to Spokane where she has family. When not working she enjoys spending time with grandchildren, hiking, quilting and reading. Her favorite book is usually the one she is reading at the moment.