Computer Science Education Week Resources

Why Teach Coding to Young Students? | PBS KIDS ScratchJr
"Coding to learn is this idea that we're not just teaching kids to code for the sake of coding, but we are teaching them to code so they can do more things with those skill sets: critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creating sequences, identifying patterns, persistence."

PBS KIDS ScratchJr
Teachers! Looking to introduce your students to coding in a fun, easy way? Try PBS KIDS ScratchJr. PBS LearningMedia has all of the resources and teaching guides you need to get started!

It's Computer Science Education Week! How did computers come to play such an important role in our lives? (Grades: K-6)

Computer Programmer | A - Z Career Lab
While many students love to use computers and tablets, do they know that someone has to create the games and apps they use on a daily basis? Introduce students to careers as computer programmers, with this video from PBS Teachers.

Is the Universe a Computer? | PBS Idea Channel
What would it mean if Douglass Adams was onto something in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? What if the Earth and the rest of the universe were a computer? PBS Idea Channel explores.

Using Coding Apps to Teach Kids How to Think
It's Computer Science Education week! Did you know that coding helps kids practice math, problem-solving and thinking outside the box? Here are ways to get young kids started.