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Juneteenth | Blackademics

Twin sisters Jordan and Mia Smith discuss the history of Juneteenth and its significance in present day America. Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of slaves on June 19, 1865 in Galveston, Texas. The sisters explore the historical context of the holiday and offer insight into their own lives.

If You Were: A Bald Eagle

This video segment from Between the Lions is a live action, non-fiction piece about what life would be like "if you were a bald eagle."  The vocabulary words featured in this video include: bald eagle, aerie, fledgling, soar, wings, nest, and eaglets. This video segment provides a resource for Text Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Language and Vocabulary Development.

Pacific Northwest History and Cultures: Why Do the Foods We Eat Matter?

This online lesson provides perspectives from Native American community members, images, objects, and other sources to help students and teachers understand the important connections between foods and cultures for Native People of the Pacific Northwest. Discover how Native Nations of the Pacific Northwest take action to protect and sustain salmon, water, and homelands.


PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a digital educational platform that offers thousands of free video and curriculum resources aligned to state and national standards.


Resources for Racial Justice and Anti-Racism

A collection of resources for students, educators, and caregivers to learn more about the history of systemic racism and its continued impact on the experience of being black in America. 

Discussing Civil Rights

Looking for help discussing current events and civil rights issues with youth? Start with this comprehensive set of videos, lessons, and webinars curated by PBS Education.

Injustice at Home (Video Segments and Lesson Plans)

This educational resource--five educational videos and an inquiry-based unit of study--will help students understand Executive Order 9066 and the resulting internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, the failure of political leadership to protect constitutional rights, the military experience of Japanese-Americans during WWII, and examples of discrimination and racial prejudice the Japanese-American community faced before, during and after WWII. 


Injustice at Home (Full Documentary)

During WWII, almost the entire population of Japanese Americans on the West Coast were forcibly removed from their homes and incarcerated. Their only crime was looking like the enemy. Featuring the inspiring stories of people in our community, this one hour documentary focuses on Japanese Americans during WWII, both inside and outside the evacuation zone; chronicling their struggles and perseverance.

Career Explore Northwest

CareerExploreNW is a community tool designed to help middle and high school students explore college and career pathways through job spotlight videos and an informational website.

Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life | A Civil Rights Pioneer in the Northwest

Based on the biography by Jim Kershner of the same name, KSPS's Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life is the inspiring life story of a man who changed attitudes about civil and gender rights in Eastern Washington. He was a tireless fighter for racial equality and justice on the state and national level.  

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