Holiday Resources

Hanukkah | All About the Holidays
Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration, but everyone can find meaning in the holiday. Check out the origins of the tradition, and how it is observed today with this PBS Teachers video.

Christmas | All About the Holidays
Explore the history and traditions of Christmas with this PBS Teachers video.

Kwanzaa | All About the Holidays
Kwanzaa, a seven day celebration of African American heritage, begins on Dec 26! Learn more about the origin of Kwanzaa and how it's celebrated in this PBS Teachers video.

5 Meaningful Holiday Traditions for Kids
The holidays can be a chaotic time for families! Slow down and take a meaningful moment by writing your child an annual letter or taking a family walk.

Expanding Your Child’s Circle of Concern
Kids are wired to care for others, especially people they are close to such as family and friends. Here are three ways to help them extend their empathy to people of various races, nationalities, ages, and abilities.

Bringing Back Family Game Night
Thinking of ways to keep kids busy during winter break or looking for a kid-friendly New Year's Eve activity? Have a game night!

Navigating Family Heritage Assignments with Adopted Children
Ah, the family tree. This simple -- but charged -- assignment often rears its head in kindergarten or first grade. Here's one adoptive mom's approach to navigating this assignment with her childe?

How to Keep the “Happy” in the Holidays
Parties, traditions, and inconsistent schedules, oh my! Here are 5 ways to slow down and simplify the holidays this year.

7 Family Time and Learning Tips for the Holidays
The holidays are great opportunities for family fun and togetherness! Here are ways for kids and parents to explore new ideas and information and practice skills during these special moments.

Choosing Toys to Grow With Your Preschooler
Thinking of timeless toys for your little one? One of the best toys for preschoolers is just a collection of interesting stuff to create and construct anything they imagine.

It's Snowing! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger teaches children that just like people, each snowflake is unique and special! (Grades PreK-1)

Can You Be the Nutcracker, Daniel? | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Are your students ever scared they can't learn all the steps to something new? Daniel Tiger shows them how to tackle things a little bit at a time. (Grades PreK-K)

The Core Tenets of Hinduism
Discover some of the core tenets of Hinduism with this video from PBS Teachers.

The Story of the Jews: Interactive Map
Students can examine 3,000 years of Jewish history and the immense geographic scope of the Jewish diaspora with this interactive map.

World Religions Map
Explore the distribution of religions around the world with this interactive map.

Christianity from Judaism to Constantine | Crash Course
This Christmas season explore the history of Christianity with @CrashCourse's "Christianity from Judaism to Constantine.