Free Educational Apps & Games

Extend student learning beyond the classroom with these free educational apps and games from PBS.

KQED: Digital Tools (6-12)
Do you or your students want to level up your digital media skills? Check out these short video tutorials that teach the basics for how to use free online tools for teaching and learning!
Play and Learn Science (PreK-2)
Help your students build science inquiry skills and learn core science concepts with the "Play and Learn Science" app from PBS KIDS! The app features fun, engaging games that encourage kids to see the science in their world.
Daniel Tiger for Parents (PreK-2)
Designed with busy parents in mind, the Daniel Tiger app is simple, educational and entertaining for caregivers and children. It features over two dozen Daniel Tiger songs, supporting videos from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and helpful hints for parents about the important skills children need to be ready for school and life.
Wild Kratts Rescue Run (PreK-2)
Teach kids about animals and their habitats like the bald eagle, hawksbill sea turtle, kangaroo and many more! Download the FREE PBS KIDS app, "Wild Kratts Rescue Run."
NOVA Black Holes App Educator Guide (6-12)
Teach students about the life cycle of a star, different types of celestial objects and their properties, and where black holes come from! Download the free iPad game, "NOVA Black Holes'!
PBS KIDS Measure Up! (PreK-2)
Download the PBS KIDS' "Measure Up!" app, and invite your child to explore early math concepts focused on length, width, capacity, and weight while going on a series of adventures with Dinosaur Train, Peg + Cat, and Sid the Science Kid!
PBS Parents Play and Learn (PreK-2)
Seize those daily “teachable moments” through theme-based interactive games and hands-on activities that connect math and literacy skills to everyday experiences with PBS Parents' "Play & Learn" app! Download it for free and tap into more than a dozen games parents can play with their kids.
Cat in the Hat Builds That (PreK-2)
Science is FUN! Show your kids how fun it is with the "Cat in the Hat Builds That" PBS KIDS app, introducing science inquiry and STEM concepts through games tailored to their learning progress.
Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer (K-3)
From the backyard to space! Take your kids on a galactic journey with the gang from PBS KIDS' Ready Jet Go! as they explore, paint, play and learn about planets, stars and constellations.
Photo Stuff with Ruff (K-2)
Inspire your child to discover what the “stuff” in his or her world is made of! Download the free app, "Photo Stuff with Ruff," based on PBS KIDS’ new short-form animated digital series, The Ruff Ruffman Show.