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Meet a clingy red-eyed tree frog with a magnetic personality as you learn about magnets, magnetic forces and how magnets make things move! Use main ideas and key phrases to help you read. Then, invent your own amazing magnet technology for the future!

Fast and Slow Changes on Earth's Surface

You will observe how the Moon appears in the sky when viewed on different days. The animated interactive storybook is used to give you an opportunity to interact with a character-guided observational experience of the Moon as you observe, analyze, and describe the Moon’s appearance in the sky.
(Gr K - 2)


Donkey's FroYo Stand

Donkey Hodie is serving frozen yogurt treats to her pals, and she needs help! In this game, children follow steps to complete customers’ orders. As they play, children practice following a plan and are encouraged to be persistent if things don’t go quite as planned. In the classroom, teachers and students can discuss following a plan, listening and trying again after making a mistake.

The Waiting Game

Harriett Elizabeth Cow made a present for Donkey, Purple Panda, Duck Duck, and Bob Dog. It’s wrapped in a giant box, and Donkey can’t wait to open it! Harriett tells her it’s for all four pals, so Donkey must wait until everyone arrives before opening it. Wait?! That’s very hard for Donkey, but she uses her imagination to help pass the time.

You Can Do It!

Purple Panda faces his fears with the support of his best pal, Donkey Hodie. Like many young children often do, Purple Panda experiences fear and anxiety when he feels alone while trying something new. Having a photo nearby can remind young children that even when they can’t see special grownups during school, they are always cheering them on.


Fish Camp Game | MOLLY OF DENALI™

In the game, Molly, her friend Trini, and Trini's dad use an informational book and its features, such as the table of contents, labeled diagrams, and pictures with captions, in order to find out how to "catch" salmon with a traditional Alaska Native fish wheel or a canoe, rod, and reel. Narrated by Molly, the game is accessible for readers and nonreaders alike.

Puppy Quest | Odd Squad

The Odd Squad agents have been turned into puppies! In this game, use specific puppy toys to move a given number of puppies through a series of obstacles to turn the puppies back into agents.
(Gr K - 3)