The 2018 Election is fast approaching and KSPS has coverage of many of our local candidate debates and town halls to keep you on top of the issues. Watch videos of past events below and mark your calendar for upcoming events from our schedule listed on the right. Want to share your thoughts or discussions? Log in and leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

October 24 - WA State 5th Congressional District Debate - Walla Walla

Candidates for WA 5th District Congressional seat debate in Walla Walla, WA

October 18 - LIVE - Washington State 5th Congressional District Debate

Spokane Rotary Club 21 hosts a debate between Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and challenger Lisa Brown at the Spokane Club. 10-18-18

October 16 - Spokane County Treasurer

Treasurer candidates Michael Baumgartner and David Green debate at KSPS

October 16 - Spokane County Commissioner District 3

Incumbent Al French debates challenger Robbi Kathleen Anthony at KSPS

October 15 - Washington 6th Legislative District Debate

Jenny Graham and Dave Wilson debate Oct 12 at KSPS

October 15 - Spokane County Commissioner District 2

Incumbent Mary Kuney meets challenger Rob Chase in County Commissioner race

October 12 - I-1634 Grocery Tax Initative

Spokane grocer Kevin Rourke and City Council member Kate Burke share their Yes and No views on Initiative I-1634, which proposes to stop local Washington governments from instituting any new taxes on groceries. Doug Nadvornick of KPBX moderates.
Recorded Oct 12, 2018

October 8 - Washington State Senatorial Debate #1

Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., and Republican challenger Susan Hutchison face off Oct. 8

October 4 - Schools & Library Bonds

Bond measures for Spokane Schools, Libraries, and a Sports Facility are explained.

August 23 - Town Halls with Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown
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KSPS 2018 Election Schedule
Scheduled debates and discussions are
subject to change at any time.

Schools & Library Bonds


Thursday, Oct. 47:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 51:00pm/2:00mt7.2
Saturday, Oct. 68:00pm/9:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 79:00am/10mt7.2

Washington State Senatorial Debate #1

Maria Cantwell (D)
Susan Hutchison (R)

Monday, Oct. 87:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 121:00pm/2:00mt7.2

Spokane County Commissioner District 2

Rob Chase (R)
Mary Kuney (R)

Monday, Oct. 157:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 191:00pm/2:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 219:00am/10:00mt7.2

6th Legislative District State Representative Pos. 2

Jenny Graham (R)
Dave Wilson (D)

Monday, Oct. 157:30pm/8:30mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 261:30pm/2:30mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 289:30am/10:30pm7.2

Spokane County Commissioner District 3

Al French (R)
Robbi Katherine Anthony (D)

Tuesday, Oct. 167:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 261:00pm/2:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 289:00am/10:00mt7.2

Spokane County Treasurer

Michael Baumgartner (R)
David Green (D)

Tuesday, Oct. 167:30pm/8:30mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 191:30pm/2:30mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 219:30am/10:30mt7.2

WA State 8th Congressional District Debate

Dino Rossi (R)
Kim Schrier (D)

Wednesday, Oct. 177:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Thursday, Oct. 186:00pm/7:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 215:00pm/6:00mt7.2

WA State 5th Congressional District Debate

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)
Lisa Brown (D)

Thursday, Oct. 1812:00pm/1:00mtWEB
Thursday, Oct. 256:00pm/7:00mt7.2
Saturday, Oct. 278:00pm/9:00mt7.2
Monday, Oct. 297:00pm/8:00mt7.1

WA State 5th Congressional District Debate - Walla Walla

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)
Lisa Brown (D)

Wednesday, Oct. 24N/AWEB

WA State Senatorial Debate #2

Maria Cantewell (D)
Susan Hutchison (R)

Monday, Oct. 227:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Nov. 21:00pm/2:00mt7.2

PBS Newshour Election Night Special

Tuesday, Nov. 65:00pm/6:00mt7.1