SNC Host Ryan Tucker

Ryan Tucker

Ryan Dean Tucker started from humble beginnings in south central Washington. He was only 8-years-old when he was given his first camera and began his journey into the celluloid. Making short films in the backyard with his younger brother, Ryan quickly discovered Dogma filmmaking (accidentally and unaware of what that even meant) long before its proclaimed discovery in '95.

Long afternoons turned to late evenings in his youth as Ryan watched and re-watched a handful of VHS tapes and frequented local theaters ad nauseam. He started quoting obscure cinema better than he could do simple arithmetic.

By 20, Ryan was a self-made “hundred-aire” and decided to spend a ton of money he didn't have on "film school" in Ventura, California. Once he started living in his '92 Toyota Corolla, he decided to go to a different "film school" in Hollywood, California.

Once he exhausted all financial options, Ryan returned home to beautiful Spokane and, like most college graduates, got a job at Starbucks. He is now a videographer and editor for Community Colleges of Spokane. (Take that, young didn't-believe-in-yourself Ryan!)

Ryan has gone through many levels of relationship with movies from awe and inspiring moments (youth) to cynicism and jadedness (film school) to just being grateful (current state). He has attempted to make a feature-length movie and failed -- an eye-opening experience that makes him less critical as an average movie goer.

Today, you can usually find him in his basement collecting vintage video formats such as VHS, Laserdisc, CED and Beta while instilling "the old ways" to his two beautiful sons and gorgeous, tolerant wife.