SNC Host Shaun O'L. Higgins

Shaun O'L. HigginsA cinema fan since childhood, Shaun first appeared as a host on Saturday Night Cinema on February 9, 2013, when he introduced the Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr classic, “An Affair to Remember”, a movie he describes as “brilliant, but not a personal favorite.”

“Frankly, if I have any favorite genres, they’d be Westerns and film-noir thrillers, by I like to follow the indie film scene and have a weakness for Japanese cinema. That said, you can guess that two of my personal favorites are “The Magnificent Seven” and “The Seven Samurai.”

And, I take “guilty pleasure” in watching “wretched excess” box-office failures like “Heaven’s Gate”, “Ishtar’, and “Exorcist II: The Heretic.”

Higgins began using movies to train executives since 1986. He holds a B.A. in Communications from DePauw University and has served as a lecturer and adjunct faculty member at major colleges and universities throughout the United States. He spent 18 years as a newspaper reporter, editor and freelancer in Indiana, Montana, Virginia, and New York, specializing in coverage of politics, government and the economy. Currently, he is trustee of Spokane’s Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and a member of the advisory board of the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media at DePauw.