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KSPS Sustainers

KSPS Sustainers make automatic, ongoing monthly contributions that roll over from month to month and year to year. Easy for you, stable income for KSPS. You can change or cancel your monthly contributions any time -- just let us know. Use a credit or debit card, or set up automatic bank withdrawal.

For more information, contact Skyler Reep, Sustaining Member Specialist

Become a Sustainer

What is Sustaining Membership?

About 70% of KSPS’s funding comes from donations, contributions, and bequests from individual viewers just like you. There are many ways to support KSPS public television, but the easiest way is to become a sustaining member. Here’s how it works:

  1. You set up your bank account or credit card to make an automatic contribution every month in support of KSPS.
  2. You choose any amount that works for you: $5 a month, $10 a month, $100 a month—whatever you can give.

And that’s it! It’s easy on your budget because it spreads your generous support throughout the year. Plus, your membership will always be active – so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re still a member or worry about renewing your support. It’s easier on your budget and it keeps KSPS stronger by providing a steady, reliable revenue throughout the year to make more great programs. And best of all, your generous support will provide a steady stream of support to KSPS that makes possible wonderful programs like Nature, PBS NewsHour, Masterpiece and much more.

It takes just a couple of minutes to set up your sustaining membership. But what an impact it will have for KSPS public television. There isn’t an easier or more popular way to do your part to keep your favorite shows on the air.

Here at KSPS, we steadfastly aim to reflect the tastes and viewing preferences of the communities we serve. KSPS is locally owned and operated, and programming decisions are made right here by people who understand the unique character of our viewers across Canada and the Inland Northwest. And that’s part of what makes public television special. But it also takes your support to keep it this way. Your generous support helps KSPS continue this service to everyone in our area.

You couldn’t choose a more responsible and trustworthy local organization for your financial support. KSPS is Spokane’s number-one-ranked non-profit organization in financial health, accountability, and transparency, according to the independent rating site, Charity Navigator. With a total score of 98 of 100 possible points, we occupy the top spot ahead of nearly 1,900 total such organizations in Spokane. A class-leading 80% of our total expenses are spent directly on the programs and services we deliver. KSPS public television is also a Gold Level participant in the independent non-profit information source, GuideStar.

Thank you for supporting KSPS public television.