Health Matters, Television for Life

Health Matters, Television for Life

Teresa Lukens, hostYour opportunity to talk directly with physicians, nurses and other regional experts about the health issues that are important to you. Teresa Lukens hosts this monthly conversation and viewers are encouraged to call, text or email their questions for the panel.

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Our Most Recent Health Matters Program –

Heart Health – Feb 16

Heart Health – Feb 16

Keep that date with your valentine by paying attention to your own heart health! (Full program online soon)


Jeffrey Emery DO
Northwest Neurological

 Sean Spangler MD
Providence Spokane Cardiology

Shaina Hicks RDN, CEP, CCRP
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Lead
St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute

Greg Lang P.A.-C
Rockwood Heart and Vascular Center


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Resolute Recipes for a New Year

Resolute Recipes for a New Year

Kick of the new year with some inventive cooking ideas from Clover chef Travis Dickinson.

Pain Management >

Pain Management >

Chronic Pain can bring down the toughest super hero. Are there non-addictive treatments?

Mental & Behavioral Health >

Mental & Behavioral Health >

Mental and behavioral health – in our homes and on the streets.

The Complete Health Matters, Television for Life Topic List:
(Titles A to Z)



Active at Any Age
Affordable Care Act
Alzheimer's: A Bridge to Hope
Alzheimer's (2012 edition)
Autism: Unraveling the Mystery
Baby and Me
Backs and Bones
The Battle Within: Autoimmune Diseases
Brain Injuries
The Brain (2014)
Breathe Easy: Treating Lung Diseases
Chronic Pain
Complementary Medicine

Dental Care
Depression: Matters of the Mind
Diabetes: Living Beyond the Limits

End-of-Life Care
Early Childhood Development
Eating Well
Elder Care
Emergency Medicine (2015)
Farm-to-Table Cooking
Feeding Kids
Fit Kids!

Healing Healthcare: Prescriptions for Reform
Healthy Eating (2014)
Healthy Holidays with Chef LJ Klink (2013)
Healthy Holidays (2012)

Healthy Holidays (2011)
Heart Health (2016)
Hips, Knees, Backs & Bones
Joints & Bones (2016)
Just Sleep On It
Kick that Habit
Living Longer
Man and Machine
Men's Health

Mental Health
Mind-Body Connection
M.S. & Parkinson's
Nip and Tuck

Obamacare Basics
Parenting a Healthy Teen

Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
The Rise of Type 2 Diabetes
Rural Medicine
The Skin You're In (2016)
Sex Ed

Stroke: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Suicide: From Pain to Prevention
Teen Suicide: A Community Conversation
Teen Health
Veterans' Health
Vision Quest
Vision: The Quest to See Clearly (2016)
Winter Activity
Women's Worries