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After an extensive community audit, the Friends of KSPS Board of Directors has adopted the draft

KSPS 2025 Growth & Impact Plan: Building A Stronger Community


The plan extends and deepens our public service through four major community initiatives around education, workforce development, arts & culture, and health care. While our traditional programs are not going away, we have defined these four pillars, focus areas for developing our outreach and partnerships, to bring more people together in exploration and efforts that build stronger communities for us all.

The plan is very much a work in progress, and we’d like to hear your comments and ideas about it. Please contact us at:




Partner with public libraries and schools to serve growing numbers of low-income families with children pre-K to grade 3, enabling significant gains in learning outcomes via our proven educational tools and curricula.


Partner with businesses and organizations to build a talent pipeline and support workforce and economic development in each of our major markets: Spokane, Coeur D’Alene, Calgary and Edmonton

Arts & Culture

Curate and share great local arts and culture programming that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible, providing cultural diversity, enlightenment and inspiration possible only with the examination of who we are.

Civic Health

Foster civic engagement and health with coverage of happenings in state and local government; panels and journalism covering elections, debates, and current issues; and programming presenting challenges and solutions around public health, homelessness, social and racial justice, and other key issues.