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KSPS PBS is committed to bridging educational gaps in our region by providing free learning resources directly to children and families in our highest needs communities through our school and community programs.

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Parenting Minutes

KSPS is honored to be one of six PBS stations across the nation selected to participate in a special community project for families: Parenting Minutes. All summer long, in partnership with the Spokane County Library District, NEWESD 101,  and Thirteen WNET New York, KSPS will share short videos from the Parenting Minutes series that focus on key topics related to early childhood learning . Each video page contains research-based tips and facts, in English and Spanish, as well as links to more FREE resources and information.

How Can You Fight Racism at School? | Above the Noise

Let's start with what we know: racist bullying and institutional racism are real problems in schools. But the situation isn't hopeless. Myles talks to high school students taking action against racism at their school. They have some suggestions for how to help schools be more anti-racist and supportive of all students. But we also want to hear from you. What changes do you think would help fight racism at school?

The Amazing Life of Sand | Deep Look

There's a story in every grain of sand: tales of life and death, fire and water. If you scooped up a handful of sand from every beach, you'd have a history of the world sifting through your fingers. From mountain boulders to the shells of tiny ocean creatures, follow the journey that sand takes through thousands of years across entire continents to wind up stuck between your toes.

Measuring Up To Dinosaurs | Dinosaur Train

In this Dinosaur Train video clip, children will learn to compare the height and size of the dinosaurs. Tiny and Buddy observe the differences between big and small creatures.

Managing Worries with Cognitive Self-Control: Module 2 Video | COMPASS for Courage

A cornerstone of reducing and managing anxiety is being able to manage your thoughts, what we call "cognitions." The strategy that we use and what we recommend is cognitive self-control. Addressing the cognitions is quite important in children because these are the thoughts that they use to stay away from the things that make them afraid or worried.


Summer of STEM

KSPS will be hosting STEM camps this summer with local elementary schools.  These camps will give students the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering, and math through hands on learning activities.  Students will learn alongside their favorite PBS KIDS characters!

STEM in Schools

KSPS STEM in Schools is a free Grades PreK-3 after-school and summer enrichment program where children and families engage in fun, interactive STEM learning using activities and support materials aligned to PBS KIDS programs. Participating children and families receive free high-quality STEM books after each workshop session along with a PBS KIDS educational tablet to extend STEM learning at home. Learn more.


Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life | A Civil Rights Pioneer in the Northwest

Based on the biography by Jim Kershner of the same name, KSPS's Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life is the inspiring life story of a man who changed attitudes about civil and gender rights in Eastern Washington. He was a tireless fighter for racial equality and justice on the state and national level.  

Injustice at Home (Full Documentary)

During WWII, almost the entire population of Japanese Americans on the West Coast were forcibly removed from their homes and incarcerated. Their only crime was looking like the enemy. Featuring the inspiring stories of people in our community, this one hour documentary focuses on Japanese Americans during WWII, both inside and outside the evacuation zone; chronicling their struggles and perseverance.

Career Explore Northwest

CareerExploreNW is a community tool designed to help middle and high school students explore college and career pathways through job spotlight videos and an informational website.

Money Moments with STCU

At every stage of life, money plays an important role. We’ve teamed up with STCU to share how we can all handle these big moments with financial savvy. For more resources and financial tips, check out the link to learn more!



PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a digital educational platform that offers thousands of free video and curriculum resources aligned to state and national standards.

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