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KSPS PBS is committed to bridging educational gaps in our region by providing free learning resources directly to children and families in our highest needs communities through our school and community programs.


Latest Career Explore Northwest Spotlights


Career explore northwest


"I like the discovery of finding new things and presenting that to other people." - Tara McLaughlin, Archeologist


career explore northwest

Wildlife Biologist

"I love the work that I do. I care about the species we're working on, and I care about the habitat they live in." - Bart George, Wildlife Program Manager


career explore northwest

Pharmacy Technician

"I enjoy working as a technician, it's something that I have always wanted to do." - Kyle Kolhof, Pharmacy Support Supervisor


Learn and Grow Together FFCL

Join KSPS PBS at the Liberty Park Library for the Learn & Grow Together Family and Community Learning (FCL) program! It is a series of 9 workshops that engage families in active, hands-on learning experiences that focus on Social and Emotional Learning. 

KSPS Public TV

Muhammad Ali Carl Maxey Event KSPS

Muhammad Ali Carl Maxey videos and panel discussion hosted by KSPS TV, Spokane, Washington

Back to School

Start the School Year Strong with PBS Resources

Back to school can be a stressful – and exciting – time for parents and students. But have no fear, KSPS PBS is here to provide you with the resources and support you need to get you through a new year of school!



Activism: Marsha P. Johnson

In this video, learn about trans activist Marsha P. Johnson and her impact on the LGBTQ Movement.  Utilizing video, discussion questions, teaching tips, and examination of important terms to know, your students will gain a thorough understanding of Johnson’s goals as an activist and organizer—and her lasting impact on the LGBTQ movement.

Discussing Civil Rights

This is a collection of educational resources from PBS LearningMedia to support educators and families while discussing issues pertaining to civil rights, protesting, Black history and historical individuals, past and current events, and more. These resources are free and open for all to use.

Resources for Racial Justice and Anti-Racism

Resources for grades 6-12 students, educators, and caregivers to learn more about the history of systemic racism and its continued impact on the experience of being black in America. 

Japanese American Incarceration

Video and curriculum resources for teachers and students grades 4-12 students to learn explore the history and personal stories of Japanese American incarceration in the Inland Northwest, with the goal of ensuring that this important history is not forgotten or repeated in future generations.


PBS Learning Media

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a digital educational platform that offers thousands of free video and curriculum resources aligned to state and national standards.

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