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Welcome to KSPS PBS Education!

Over fifty years, KSPS PBS has provided trusted educational programming to children, caregivers, and educators in the Inland Northwest and Alberta, Canada. The educational landscape looks different this year with children learning at home, virtually, or via hybrid settings. KSPS is committed to supporting student learning across our region whenever or wherever it occurs through our assortment of educational resources, community programs, lessons, and activities, all aligned to state and national standards.

Parents named PBS KIDS the most educational media brand

Resources by Grade Level

Featured Resources

Each week, KSPS is providing a PBS KIDS Learn Along Bingo Packet for children in PreK-1 and 1-2 that includes a range of thematic learning opportunities to use in conjunction with the children's educational programming on the KSPS PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel (7.4 over-the-air & Comcast Ch.313). This resource can provide educational support for children who have limited or no internet access. The packets are free to download and to print for weekly use. This week's theme: Let's Build (STEM)

Resources for Everyone

Back To School

KSPS is here to support your back to school needs with these free resources

Discussing Civil Rights

Looking for help discussing current events and civil rights issues youth? Start with this comprehensive set of videos, lessons, and webinars curated by PBS.

KSPS Every Child Reads - Virtual Storytimes

Here is a collection of PreK through Grade 4 read-aloud stories from local educators, librarians, and community members. Watch with your little ones and try some of the fun reading

Halloween Resources

Planning halloween for your child doesn't have to be scary! Check out these ideas for a spooktacular celebration!

KSPS Education Collection

KSPS's PBS Learning Media Education Collection features video and curriculum resources to support the teaching of Washington, Canadian, and Native American history.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a digital educational platform that offers thousands of free video and curriculum resources aligned to state and national standards.