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Volunteer With KSPS PBS

What is up for volunteering in 2024?

Our Education Department is working on incredible educational opportunities in elementary schools. They have developed curriculum and workshops to benefit children and families in need of additional support through STEAM activities and PBS KIDs resources. There are volunteer opportunities to provide them with assistance and have influence in kids’ lives.

The Development Department has number of tasks and projects that help us maintain our membership including, office work, filing, organizing, and data entry. Along with events and outreach activities, which are being scheduled, that help us promote our programming and fulfill our mission to build stronger communities.

We are working to develop our Career Explore NW visibility to reach out to those exploring career opportunities and connecting them with employers who are seeking talented workers.

There are new ways to volunteer popping up all the time and we would love to have you join us.

Shawn Claypool

Outreach and Project Manager

Shawn Claypool