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Commentary from Movie Maverick Mike

Armin Shines

Our feature “Shine” is lead actor Geoffrey Rush’s movie thru-and-thru - after all, he won a Best Actor Oscar and launched his career state-side here - but we want to focus on character actor Armin Mueller-Stahl.

This German actor was nominated for an Oscar for “Shine” as well - but only once, which seems odd for someone who’s rolled up over 140 credits (on IMDb).  Armin is one of those actors where moviegoers think “oh yeah, that guy”, without placing him or his name.

Mueller-Stahl is The Guy to go to when you cast needs:

  • Foreign-accented spook
  • Eastern European / Russia gravitas
  • Twinkled-eyed patriarch - oft up to no-good
  • Quiet but threatening Mob Boss

Armin has played these roles (and others) in the “X-Files” movie, “Angels and Demons”, “Eastern Promises”, and SNC favorite “Avalon”.  He also performed in dozens of German films, notably 1980’s controversial “Lola”.

Mueller-Stahl came out of retirement in 2015 to star in Terrence Malik’s “Knight of Cups”, with audiences hoping he returns to the screen again.

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