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Commentary from Movie Maverick Mike

A Giant Among Men

Your host covers a lot of interesting details about the late Humphrey Bogart, star of our feature “The Harder They Fall”, but we want to focus on newcomer Mike Lane, who plays manipulated fighter Toro Moreno.

Lane was not born in Argentina as his character was, nor even South America, but in Washington DC.  “The Harder They Fall” was his feature debut, although he had some experience with stage drama (per se) as a semi-professional wrestler in the 50s.

Like other tall actors, Lane gravitated toward roles as henchmen and soldiers, continuing to work on-screen until the 1994.  His stature and roles bring to mind other tall men in film, such as Richard Kiel (Jaws in 2 James Bond movies), Richard Moll (of “Night Court” and various voice roles), and the late Peter Mayhew who inhabited Chewbacca across several Star Wars movies.

Our current favorite Big Man is French Canadian Robert Malliet, who’s had memorable roles in “Pacific Rim”, “Sherlock Holmes” (2009), and as befits his comrades, monsters in “300” and “Immortals”.

Lane has an easy start in “The Harder They Fall”, playing an out-of-his-depth boxer, a feeling he surely experienced on-set across from Bogart.

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