Commentary from Movie Maverick Mike

Cast From Here to Eternity

Our feature “From Here to Eternity” managed such iconic casting that the actors and their roles could now be considered cliche:

All American Burt Lancaster in his first (mostly) heroic role
The intense (and apparently oft drunk) Montgomery Clift as intense, self-destructive Pewitt
Donna Reed cast against type as sex-bomb Alma
Deborah Kerr as The Woman Done Wrong
Character actors Philip Ober, Jack Warden and Ernest Borgnine doing what they do best - playing versions of themselves in small roles (as they would for years to come)
Frank Sinatra as The Comeback Kid - well, that’s the way Oscar saw it at the time!

Wikipedia notes somewhat redundantly that as of 2019 “the [main] cast members of this movie are all dead” - true, but their time in these roles will never be forgotten.

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