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Civic Health

The KSPS PBS Civic Health initiative aims at increasing broader awareness of and engagement in key issues impacting local and regional civic health, from elections and the democratic process to documentaries and issue forums on the major challenges in public health, homelessness, social and racial justice, and other key issues affecting our community and democracy.

Civics Bowl

Spokane's first televised civics competition. Participating high schools will compete to answer questions about civics and government study.

Health Matters

Your opportunity to talk directly with physicians, nurses and other regional experts about the health issues that are important to you.

Injustice at Home

The violation of civil rights for Japanese Americans in Washington state during WWII.

Our Community Partners

Hifumi En

Supporting the Japanese-American Community and the preservation of local Japanese heritage and history.

Avista's 125 Years of Service

Avista is one of only three companies remaining in the state that are classified as Territorial Corporations–incorporated before Washington's statehood.

Slow the Flow

Protecting and preserving our water resources is a long-term goal of the community of Spokane and is part of their sustainability efforts.