From the Chair: I Look Forward to Seeing You on TV
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Pati Dahman, Chair, Friends of KSPS Board of Directors

I hope you are enjoying the new look and streamlined version of Prevue as much as I am. I find it much more user friendly especially when looking for particular weekend shows. And are you enjoying the new series and the all new seasons of the regular programs? Victoria, W1A, Washington Grown, Spy in the Wild, Mercy Street? So many great shows and so little time to watch!

As we move further into the 50th Anniversary year I look forward to seeing you on TV. Yes, YOU! The Board and I encourage YOU to send a “Happy 50th” greeting to the station. 50 years is a great milestone anniversary and the station is here because of YOU and your support! Grab your friends, your children, your neighbors and your selfie stick and send us your greetings. We have 9 months of slots to fill with your personal greetings; however we don’t want them all to come in late in the year so, start your greeting soon.

And speaking of the coming 9 months, in addition to our normal great programming, we have a lot of activities that will get you out of the house. Normally we would want you at home on the couch tuned to KSPS but you won’t want to miss these activities so make sure you queue up the DVR. If you’re thinking about a trip, then you definitely need to come see Rick Steves on Friday March 3 at CenterPlace at Mirabeau Point Park. Rick will answer all of your questions about European travel skills and much more. Tickets are required so call or visit us online. In April we are honored to bring PBS President Paula Kerger to Spokane and you will have an opportunity to meet her in person. Stay tuned for more information and be sure to check out the website as the details unfold.

Another opportunity to get you out and about is by attending The Friends of KSPS Board of Directors meeting or the Community Advisory Meeting. Our meetings are open to the public and meetings dates and times are listed on the website.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

All the Best,
Pati Dahmen
Chair, Friends of KSPS Board of Directors