KSPS Celebrates Canada Day with Canada Programs All Day
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Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the July 1867 enactment of the Constitution Act by tuning into a special Canada Day lineup on KSPS Public Television. Join us for enlightening, enriching, and educational programs about Canada, home to about half of KSPS's viewers and members.

This Saturday, 1 July, we salute you!

The Klondike Gold Rush

Over 100,000 people voyage to the far North intent on reaching the Canadian boom-town Dawson City and striking it rich. Historians and authors bring insight and perspective to the event that changed the lives of thousands. 4PM MT / 3PM PT

Canadian Rockies By Rail

This rail journey aboard the renowned Rocky Mountaineer begins in Seattle with stops in Vancouver, Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, and other memorable places. Explore the rich history and culture of the Canadian Rockies. 5PM MT / 4PM PT

Becoming Albertan

Becoming Albertan is a travel documentary by filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk which focus on experiences new Canadians and immigrants can have when they come to Alberta. 6PM MT / 5PM PT

KSPS Northwest Profiles

Check out Calgary’s world-class multicultural and international fireworks festival and head to Osoyoos, B.C., for a tour of a miniature wonderland.

6:30PM MT / 5:30PM PT

TSO's Canada Mosaic: A National Celebration of Canadian Music

150 years of collaboration. One unique musical journey. Innovators. Renegades. Pioneers. Canadian musicians have long punched above their weight. The history of Canadian music is filled with bold and surprising moments. 7PM MT / 6PM PT and again at 9PM MT / 8PM PT

The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain

A one-hour documentary offering a unique perspective on one of North America’s longest-running, most distinctive and exciting theatre companies.

KSPS Uncharted Territory: David Thompson on the Columbia Plateau

Thompson spent 1807-1812 in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and northwestern US and made significant contributions to the history of the American Northwest. 10PM MT / 9PM PT