KSPS 2018 Election Schedule
Scheduled debates and discussions are
subject to change at any time.

Schools & Library Bonds


Thursday, Oct. 47:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 51:00pm/2:00mt7.2
Saturday, Oct. 68:00pm/9:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 79:00am/10mt7.2

Washington State Senatorial Debate #1

Maria Cantwell (D)
Susan Hutchison (R)

Monday, Oct. 87:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 121:00pm/2:00mt7.2

Spokane County Commissioner District 2

Rob Chase (R)
Mary Kuney (R)

Monday, Oct. 157:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 191:00pm/2:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 219:00am/10:00mt7.2

6th Legislative District State Representative Pos. 2

Jenny Graham (R)
Dave Wilson (D)

Monday, Oct. 157:30pm/8:30mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 261:30pm/2:30mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 289:30am/10:30pm7.2

Spokane County Commissioner District 3

Al French (R)
Robbi Katherine Anthony (D)

Tuesday, Oct. 167:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 261:00pm/2:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 289:00am/10:00mt7.2

Spokane County Treasurer

Michael Baumgartner (R)
David Green (D)

Tuesday, Oct. 167:30pm/8:30mt7.1
Friday, Oct. 191:30pm/2:30mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 219:30am/10:30mt7.2

WA State 8th Congressional District Debate

Dino Rossi (R)
Kim Schrier (D)

Wednesday, Oct. 177:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Thursday, Oct. 186:00pm/7:00mt7.2
Sunday, Oct. 215:00pm/6:00mt7.2

WA State 5th Congressional District Debate

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)
Lisa Brown (D)

Thursday, Oct. 1812:00pm/1:00mtWEB
Thursday, Oct. 256:00pm/7:00mt7.2
Saturday, Oct. 278:00pm/9:00mt7.2
Monday, Oct. 297:00pm/8:00mt7.1

WA State 5th Congressional District Debate - Walla Walla

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)
Lisa Brown (D)

Wednesday, Oct. 24N/AWEB

WA State Senatorial Debate #2

Maria Cantewell (D)
Susan Hutchison (R)

Monday, Oct. 227:00pm/8:00mt7.1
Friday, Nov. 21:00pm/2:00mt7.2

PBS Newshour Election Night Special

Tuesday, Nov. 65:00pm/6:00mt7.1