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Do you have a story idea for Northwest Profiles?

Northwest Profiles is the Emmy Award-winning feature program that highlights the people, places and events that make the Inland Northwest unique. The Northwest Profiles crew is constantly on the lookout for story ideas. 

Stories to be considered must take place in the Inland Northwest, BC, or Alberta. Please allow a minimum of 60 days before any upcoming events. A longer timeline is better.

Story selection depends on a great many factors including

  • Uniqueness of the subject
  • Similarity to other recently-produced stories
  • Diversity and inclusiveness of the people in our region
  • Representation of the wide variety of geographic locations in our viewing area
  • Travel requirements and costs
  • Crew and equipment schedules
  • Visual appeal

Program evaluations are at the sole discretion of KSPS PBS staff and management. Other criteria may apply.

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